Agenda 21 seeks concrete proposals to improve local economy

15 septiembre, 2011Por: Guiomar Ramírez-Montesinos


On Tuesday the Department of Citizen Participation revived the Agenda 21 Forum, which began its debate on how to build a sound economic future for Javea. In this new phase, in which the goal is to mobilise the maximum number of citizens, various members of the Xàbia Idea business forum participated.

In the coming weeks A21 hopes to include representatives from business associations, as well as all those citizens who have an interest and willingness to participate. The mayor José Chulvi, Cesc Camprubi, Councillor for Citizen Participation, and other members of the council such as Doris Courcelles, Juan Luis Cardona, Empar Bolufer and Pepa Chorro also attended the forum.

At Tuesday eveningDBC##1s meeting the attendees were asked to identify the assets and strengths of Javea upon which to base the townDBC##1s economic future. Many agreed that the climate, landscape and potential for tourism were important assets, but that there was also a need to seek new business opportunities in order to avoid dependency on a single sector. After that, all those present discussed their personal vision of Javea in 2020, and the basic requirements needed to be covered, such as providing job skills for young people, improving communications both by road and internet, building a better integrated structure for the municipality, or exploiting agriculture, local heritage, and the social and cultural diversity of the more than 90 nationalities who co-exist in Javea.

Cesc Camprubi, Councillor for Citizen Participation, pithed the idea of marketing Javea to multinational firms as an ideal place to base their customer service centres, given the abundance of native speakers of all languages. However, it will not be until the next session later this month that concrete actions or projects that encourage a sustainable and idyllic economic future will be agreed upon. The Department reiterated that this forum of participation is the place to put forth all new ideas and opinions that will help to improve the municipality, thus the door remains open to new members.




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