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25 marzo, 2011Por: Guiomar

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MABS Cancer Support Group is registered charity (nº 7261) that offers support and kindness to cancer patients in many geographical areas from Valencia to Gibraltar, and now has an urgent need for volunteers.

The support group was started in 1999 by Jacqui Phillips MBE and others who had been affected by cancer but had no one in Spain to turn to for advice and support. They decided that ex-pats should not have to worry like they did about translation between themselves and medical staff, the lack of technical information about their cancer, transportation to and from hospital appointments and support for family and friends. The ladies were firmly determined to address all these things, and more, for cancer patients in the future. There are now five branches of the charity, all with their Volunteers: Supporters, Drivers, Translators and, indeed, people who can DBC##1just be a buddyDBC##1 whoDBC##1ll pop in for a cuppa, do a bit of shopping or just be there to listen.


We now have a very urgent need for volunteers in all of these fields in the region from Denia to Orihuela/Torrevieja………..


SUPPORTERS – Ideally people who have had experience of cancer within the home, either themselves or within the family; in fact people who have experience of caring, nursing or counselling within the home for any severe illness who feel they could be of assistance.

TRANSLATORS – Who can speak fluent Spanish and can help with hospital or treatment appointments for non-Spanish clients who MABS are assisting.

DRIVERS – People who have their own transport and can give some time each week to take members to their appointments.

BUDDIES – Anyone who has a few spare hours a month to visit members in their homes to chat, to read, to do some shopping and generally be company.  


MABS also has four Charity Shops and we now urgently need a Manager for our shop in Muxtamel. The shop is open mornings, six days a week, and two evenings – Monday and Friday – and has several volunteer workers speaking English and Spanish. It is now the local pick up point for equipment we provide for members at home. We need a volunteer who will oversee the weekly operation on a permanent basis.


If you are able to help in any way at all, however little, your assistance will be very much appreciated:


If you are north of Junction 65 on E7, please contact North Marina Alta Director, Elaine, on 699 152 167 or email:

If you are south of Junction 65 on E7, please contact South Marina Alta Director, Sue on 664 266 991 or email:


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