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All the preparations for the Javea Mini Bulls Youth Rugby DBC##1Come and Try It DayDBC##1 have been completed with the first session commencing on the Javea Arenal Beach (at the large car park end) on Sunday the 23rd of May.

There will be two sessions, the first at 10.30am and another at 1pm, and each session will last about 60 minutes.  The DBC##1Come and Try It DaysDBC##1 are open to any child, male or female from the age of 6 to 16 years of age.  These weekly sessions are progressive so after 5 weeks each child will have a good understanding of the skills involved in playing rugby. 

These sessions will be expertly coached and headed by Alan Price, a Rugby Union Development Officer who has been cleared for working with children by the C.R.B. in England, this experience is free of charge and to avoid disappointment by turning up on the day and the sessions being full it is advised that interested parents contact 650 231 013 or Email  for further information or to reserve your childDBC##1s place.


With just over a week before the start of the play off matches the Bulls had another week without a match.  The club contacted teams from south of Alicante to the north of Valencia,   we contacted teams from a higher division and were prepared to travel away to their venue to play but still a fixture could not be found. This is not the preparation we would have liked prior to the most important part of the season.  Vice President, Backs and Fitness Coach, Nigel Fitzpatrick stated we have worked hard in training to ensure that we have a good strategy of play but without putting this to the test in a match situation against opposition that is unaware of what we are trying to do, we cannot fine tune our players.  It now looks very likely that the next match Javea Bulls will play will be the first leg of the quarter final play off against Castellon on the 25th of March in Castellon.  Javea must try and put the match to bed very quickly so that they can practice against them during the match what we have been training for over the past 4 weeks.  Javea are confident that the improvement the players have made in the last 10 weeks should be enough to see them through.


Javea Bulls


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