Javea Town Hall requests a new land-value review

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The government team of Javea (PSPV, Xàbia Democrática and Ciudadanos por Jávea) saw its proposal to file a request for a land-value review approved by an extraordinary full council meeting on Wednesday.

The measure was passed with the votes in favour of the councillors from the Grupo Mixto, the votes against of the three councillors from Bloc Centristes and three councillors from PP, and the abstention of the remaining two councillors from PP.

According to the Councillor for Finance, Oscar Anton, after the Town HallDBC##1s seven-year legal battle to reverse the 2005 valuation (popularly known as the «catastrazo») has finally ended with the annulment of the review, the property values in Javea will now revert to the 1995 values, which made sense 17 years ago but that Anton considers «unjust» nowadays.

The Councillor illustrated the discrepancy between these property valuations and actual fact by pointing out that the square metre in areas found in the urban centre such as  Thiviers, Pío X, Avenida Jaume I or Juan Carlos I is worth four or even six times more than the square metre in residential areas such as Cala Blanca or Adsubia.

Although the first step has been taken on Wednesday, the Mayor, José Chulvi, is aware of the concern that the announcement of a land-values review may generate among the public after the events of 2005. The Mayor would therefore like to reassure homeowners and has promised that the Executive will ensure that the review is just and conforms to reality by thoroughly examining each and every document they receive from the land registry.

Asked about whether there is possibility that the overpaid IBI rates will be refunded, the Mayor has indicated that they will request as many reports as necessary to clarify this situation, despite the negative outlooks offered by the two reports already in their possession.

Proof of this commitment has been the position that the Executive has taken on an amendment submitted by the PP spokesman, asking the Town Council to request the expert opinion of the Consell Jurídic to clarify whether a refund of the overpaid IBI may be solicited and how to go about it. This amendment prospered with the votes in favour of four PP and two Grupo Mixto councillors, thanks to the abstention of the remainder of the councillors.

The Mayor closed the plenary debate by asking all the Town Hall councillors to act «responsibly» in an issue that has dragged on for three legislatures and has been a major concern for homeowners who do not deserve to have their hopes falsely raised as a result of political confrontation.

He has also asked for their full cooperation in light of the economic situation that has presented itself. The fact is that the 2005 land-value review allowed the Javea Town Hall to perceive considerable revenue from the IBI contributions over these last 7 years, revenue that the previous governments have consolidated in expenses. The Executive now faces a deficit of close to seven million Euros with barely any borrowing capacity.

Therefore, the Local Council is forced to prepare a budgetary adjustment plan that they assure will not endanger any important service, but will reduce spending. In this regard, the Mayor has reiterated the willingness of his Government team to consult with the bodies of citizen participation to agree on which budget items should be trimmed.


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