What are Natural Therapies good for?

23 febrero, 2011Por: Guiomar

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Natural therapies are getting more and more popular, and the array of treatments is increasingly more varied, yet most people are not really familiarized with what these treatments have to offer. More than an alternative to allopathic medicine they can be seen as a way of preventing more severe, acute or serious illnesses.

Natural therapies are not a substitute to conventional medicine, not even an alternative, but a means of keeping problems at bay, of keeping healthy, and of feeling well and being happy. Sometimes, natural therapies can even give explanations and solutions when regular medicine has no answers.

To «live in the now» or «go with the flow» are two expressions associated to the New Age, but they are also expressions that millions of people have made their own after realizing that their life style and their way of thinking were not helping them achieve happiness.

Each day, more and more people are realizing that living in the now and going with the flow are ways of living that bring happiness and wellbeing, and thus, health. It has been proven that stress creates muscle tension, which hampers blood flow, and worsens the absorption of nutrients. And this alters the immune system and facilitates the onset of disease and illnesses.

Natural therapies act on the first stages of physical problems, and they help open the mind so as not to become a victim of «excusitis». Excuses, whether they be conscious or not, prevent us from confronting our real problems -because either we donDBC##1t know how to, or because we are afraid to do so-, creating other problems, seemingly simpler, around us and/or inside us.


Why do we get ill?

Life makes sense and the Universe is all about order, so things donDBC##1t just happen because. We all must learn to become better human beings, and life is full of opportunities to learn to be more assertive, help oneself before helping others, work out of love for what one does and not only want for money, or not being afraid of not being loved, just to give a few examples.

Ideally we should all just be able to be conscious of these lessons when we encounter them in our lives, but this doesnDBC##1t usually happen because, due to our deepest fears, we just canDBC##1t see it. Consequently, problems appear, and first at a psychological and emotional level. We get depressed, stressed, anxious, we canDBC##1t sleep, have problems eating or just feel irritable, etc.

If, in spite of these tell tale signs that indicate to us that something is going wrong in our lives, we do not pay attention to them and we do not look inside ourselves and try to resolve our fears and tensions, then the problems may turn more physical, more real, because we keep resisting.

This is how physical problems, from illnesses to accidents, separations or loss, begin. These blows that life gives us are so that we stop resisting change within us. Some, come to this point, finally change their mind set, their vision of life. But others donDBC##1t, and they end up falling in a spiral of grief and illness; and all because of the fear of loosing -which basically is fear of death.

But in resistance one cannot find what one yearns for. Only when one goes with the flow can one be relaxed and open to life. And only this way can one feel happy and fulfilled.

Allopathic medicine only treats specific symptoms. In illnesses and trauma this may be necessary, but each one of us is an entire human being with its life and its consequences. After curing an illness it is necessary to make a change in lifestyle, a change in mind set.

It is here precisely where natural therapies are very efficient. They are good for dealing with physical problems as well as our own reality before the situation gets too critical, and we canDBC##1t get out, or the fear gets too intense for us to even try.


Which therapy would be good for me?

The array of natural therapies gets wider every day and it may be difficult to choose one. The truth is that there isnDBC##1t one correct answer. For each individual and each problem there is a therapy and a therapist who is better than others. Also, many therapists do not limit themselves to one single therapy. The right choice is a combination of these four factors.

But, just to give you an idea, we would first start off with a diagnosis, to see if the problem is predominantly physical, structural or psychological-emotional.

If the problem is physical, manual therapies are the obvious choice, like Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Massage, Bowen technique, Craniosacral therapy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, etc.

If the main problem is metabolic, then it should be treated with natural remedies, minerals, vitamins, etc. These problems can also be treated with Homeopathy, Reflexology and Acupuncture.

And if what is predominant is an emotional or psychological problem, the best choice would be Psychology, Bach Flowers or Homeopathy (especially unicist). Craniosacral therapy can also be recommended for decreasing levels of stress and eliminating emotional blockage.


One layer at a time

But what usually happens is that, sooner or later, when one problem is solved, another one will come up. For example, a digestive problem can hide muscle tension in that area, which in turn has its origin in an emotional-psychological trauma related to the relationship with the mother in early years.

This is why a therapist who works with different therapies or a center that includes multiple disciplines and therapists that work together would be the best choice.


These and other therapies are available at Centro Terapéutico Mezquida (www.thenaturaltherapycentre.es). In our web site you can fill in a questionnaire and find out which therapy might suit your and your problem best. No obligation and free of charge.




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